IOTA 2000 expedition by 9A/S51TA & S56A

St. Nicolas Isl. near Porec, Croatia, CI-118, EU-110.

S51TA works on Yagi, 9A6XX thinks about Windom, S56A supervises.

S53CC, S53BU, S51TA op., 9A6XX, Tanja and S55OO. 

Ted, 9A/S51TA cool operation under Barbara's eyes.

9A/S56A is even more confortable for 12 hours CW op.

S56A survived close fall of broken tree.

Hrle, 9A6XX raising Windom antenna.

S51TA & S56A seriously discuss contest results on the boat.

Ted, S51TA dead asleep after the contest and a lot of beer.

My sleepy dog Onyx patiently waits at home...

73 de Mario, 9A/S56A