S51TA multiop single TX CQ WW 160m CW 28-30 January 2000

The wining team Ted, S51TA, Goran, S55OO & Mario, S56A

The wining team and main logistical supporter Vlado, S55A

The team and chief photographer and technical supporter Zarko, S53Z

Ted, S51TA works while OM Mario, S56A advises during breakfast.

Mario, S56A in the shack with RX antenna switch clearly visible

Goran, S55OO concentrates on weak 160m CW signals

Cool Ted, S51TA, age 20, posing for his YL Tanja

Mario, S56A freezing in the front of shack.

Shack, Ted's car and 20 + 20 m vertical antenna with a view toward USA

The way USA sees us...

The look toward East.

The most important part for verticals - grounding system using sea water!

Our score was 775 QSO, 63 + 27 mults for 391K points.

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU ex YU1PCF of Top band fame.