I made a lot of RF stuff up to 144 MHz. Almost all are prototypes without a proper PCB design.

 My speciality were Morse electronic keyers and later voice memories.  In memory of Djuro Balcin, YU1GZ

I also made digital frequency meter for drifting oscilators and other measurements.

Various power supply units were required.  These include switching stuff but mainly analog regulators.

This is more recent switching power supply for +5V/3A and +/-12V/1A.

Probably my best RF product was HF all bands 50W (tks DL7AV) CW transceiver with RAY-3 mixer.

Here is an HF antenna bridge used for 78 m Windom tuning.

Professionally I prefer to make digital circuits like this industrial interface prototype.

Here is an telephone and teletype interface on the left, right is CVSD voice card with USART radio control.

My best digital product is award winning 16 bit PC compatible with PDP-11 with 64 kB RAM made in 1983.


Missing is the photo of 1972 Morse keyer with diodes memory and serial counter up to 1999.

I earned few coups in my early contesting days!  Several WAE plaques are not shown.

Lately I enjoy RTTY and I made good CQ WW and WAE scores with my owm contest program. 

Thanks to Sasha, S57FYL for Sony digital camera.  I am solely responsible for the poor photos :-)

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU