S51TA CQ WW 160m SSB expedition

Ted, S51TA purchases rabbit wire in Ljubljana for a good sea grounding

Marko, S57MW loads portable tower at S55A local storage site.

We arrived at our quay. View is toward USA in NW direction.

Partial view of the many mechanical elements used.

Top section of extra Al tubes does not fit despite hard push!

TA tech @ solution with smaller tube first but oversized clamp! However, note the multimeter on the right. Great step for a young Ted, S51TA, age 21 :-)

Artinian d.o.o. provided crucial parket elements. Famous 5 kG Bev. bat is in the shadow above.

S51TA and S57MW in a frequent coordinated movement. Italy is seen in the background.

GP goes down 10 cm only due to forgoten inside screw :-)

Ted, S51TA fixes second set of guides.

Marko, S57MW tries to balance two guides at once. Shack is seen in the background.

Somehow antenna went up for 27 m (90 ft)! It even survived one broken set of guides...

Rabbit wire in the sea for a good grounding. Coper wire later added by S51TA.

Mario, S56A left foot after drop of heavy base at the begining of this action.

S56A foot with more bluish colors today...

Samoyed Onyx kindly asks hams to let him sleep in peace!

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU